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brand and service

  •   cfhi is the first enterprise that developed and manufactured the nuclear power equipment in china and has become the largest supplier of nuclear power forgings as well. cfhi spares no effort to push forward the development in the technologies and market exploitation of nuclear reactor pressure vessel, steam generator, pressurizer, reactor internals and primary coolant pipe etc. to achieve the full coverage of primary loop components for nuclear island, and has become one of very few global important suppliers for providing both casting & forging materials and complete set components of nuclear island and the international supplier and service provider for advanced nuclear island components.

      cfhi is the only enterprise that has fabricated and supplied all the second generation, second generation plus, third generation and fourth generation technologies of nuclear power equipment in china. cfhi has an annual production capacity of 5 units of primary-loop equipment for nuclear islands and 5 units of rotor forgings and turbine cylinder castings for conventional islands.

      for the nuclear power plants under construction at present, more than 80% of nuclear forgings and more than 70% of nuclear reactor pressure vessels are fabricated by cfhi. this has promoted the safe and efficient development of the national nuclear power industry effectively, and has become the important supporting power for the "going out" developing strategy of the chinese nuclear power industries.