use help-爱游戏平台

  •   1. how to remember the website of china first heavy machinery co., ltd

      china first heavy machinery co., ltd 。

      cfhi is the abbreviation of china first heavy industries.

      2. how to retrieve the information of our website?

      search engines are set up in the upper right corner of the home page of the companys website. you can query by keyword, which is convenient for you to quickly search for information, and then you can search the whole website.

      3. how to adjust font size when browsing web pages?

      you can adjust the font size by clicking "font: large, medium, small" in the lower right corner of the title of the websites webpage.

      4. how to print text?

      all you need to do is click print on the file menu and select the print options you want.

      5. how to save the body of a web page?

      you just need to click "save as" on the "file" menu and select "save type" to save according to your needs.

      6. how to create a desktop shortcut to the current web page?

      all you need to do is right-click the current page and click create shortcut.

      7. how do i send the current web page by email?

      you just need to click "send" on the "file" menu, click "e-mail page" or "e-mail link" according to your needs, fill in the relevant contents in the mail window, and send the mail.

      8. why cant the web page open?

      if you access the internet through the local area network, due to the local area network to the external exit bandwidth limit, when connecting to the website timeout error will occur. if you encounter the problem that the web page cant be opened, sometimes you just need to refresh, sometimes you need to login again at another time.

      9. sometimes the content of the web page is not displayed completely?

      this may be a problem with browser blocking protection settings. if you have installed a web page blocking protection system in your system, you need to turn off the [block flash ads] function in the blocking protection function.

      10. website security and common knowledge

      when using this website, in order to ensure the safety and convenience of your information, please try to abide by the following rules: try to avoid entering the online interactive system in public places (such as internet cafes, etc.); no matter you surf the internet in any occasion, you must close the personal information page when you leave; when you fill in and publish long information or materials (such as resume, company profile, etc.), youd better first edit the information in other text editing software (such as notepad, word, wps, etc.), and then copy it into the corresponding web page input box.

      11. how to contact us in case of problems

      if you have any problems or any suggestions when browsing the website, please contact the information technology department of china first heavy machinery co., ltd., our technical support, tel: 0452-6810180.