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  china first heavy industrles is entrusted with the sacred oblgations for security of national defense and majorequlpment of china as an important state- owned enterprises relating to the natlonal security and economy lfellne underthe adminlstration of the central government. cfhi will adhere to implement the fve developlng phllosophles ofinnovatlon, harmony, eco frlendly, opening and sharing, comitting to supply the advanced industrlal equlpment andhigh qualty englneerlng servlces for the internatlonal and domestic industres, and strlving to bulld a world-classresearch, development and manufacturing enterprise of advanced equlpment. we are willing to work wlth people fromall walks of life to further enhance the friendship and deepen the cooperation and stay true to the mission we started andstride forward together to contrlbute more power to the great rejuvenatlon of the chinese dream for the chinese nation!

liu mingzhong, board chairman and secretary of party comitte of cfhi

liu mingzhong