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brand and service

  •   cfhi is one of the largest forging equipment manufacturing enterprises in china, and the products consisting of the mechanical press, hot die forging press, stretcher leveler and all kinds of large hydraulic forging press. cfhi has provided hundreds of units of forging equipment for the automobile, the railway rolling stock, the test and development of special materials, the petroleum exploitation and the transportation industries, and cfhi has designed and manufactured the largest 300mn die forging press in china, the first unit of 125mn open die forging hydraulic press in china, and the most advanced 150mn open die forging hydraulic press in the world with multiple proprietary technologies, in which the independently developed 150mn forging hydraulic press and the 400-ton·meter over-sized forging manipulator have won the first prize of national scientific and technological progress award and the first prize of chinas mechanical industry technology invention award respectively.