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quality management system certification

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  [introduction] tihs certificate is a quality management system certificate, issued by china new era quality system certification center. our company obtained the gb/t19001-1994 (idtiso9001:1994) quality management system certification registration qualification in february 1998, and has maintained the registration qualification until now. at present, the certificate is applicable to the design, development, production and service of energy equipment including mining equipment (electric shovel) and petrochemical equipment; the design, development, production and service of coal-chemical processing equipment (gasifier, coal liquefier); the design, development, production and service of industrial equipment products including complete sets of metallurgical equipment, industrial and mining spare parts, forging and forming equipment; the design, development, production and service of environmental protection equipment including complete sets of industrial solid waste treatment equipment (horizontal roller mill); as well as the production and service of base materials of heavy equipment including heavy casting and forging parts, low alloy steel welding rod and overlay welding rod. this certificate indicates that the quality management system of cfhi meets the requirements of gb/t19001-2016 (idtiso9001:2015), and can provide civil products that meet the requirements of laws and regulations and satify customer requirements, thereby further improve the market competitiveness. in order to better meet the needs of the rapid development of cfhi, and meet the production needs of tianjin and dalian, four sub-certificates have been obtained on the basis of the main certificate, which further improves the quality management level and product quality of cfhi, and provides a solid system guarantee and qualification guarantee for the company’s product manufacturing.