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pan steel xichang cold rolling project which is co-manufactured with cfhi completed and put into operation

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  operation ceremony for pan steel xichang cold rolling project of ansteel group was formally held recently. it is  the chinese fastest constructed cold rolling line which is co-manufactured by cfhi .

  the 2030mm pickling line for cold rolling engineer which made by cfhi adopt 6-high ucm continuous rolling structure. each main drive motor power reached to 7500kw which is the largest one in china, maximum rolling force is 2700 t, and maximum rolling speed is 1650m/min. serial 5-stand ucm mill has high horizontal stiffness and optimum flatness control capability which can carry out steadily and rolling by large screw-down rate. the withdrawal straightening stand is the only one adopt full electric type with 60t large tension in china, its maximum elongation is 3%. pickle tank adopt three-step immersion type serial pickling technique which is the chinese new appliance i-box pickling line.

  this cold rolling pickling line mainly included ultra-low carbon soft steel and high strength vanadium-titanium steel. the product positioning is high quality automobile panel, high strength automobile sheet and top grade home appliance sheet. it can produce the products with width of 870mm to 1870mm, the minimum thickness can be 0.3mm.