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heavy forgings used for cap1400 rpv passed the appraisement of experts

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  commissioned by national energy administration, china machinery industry federation  held cap1400 rpv heavy key forgings appraisement meeting at china first heavy industries (cfhi) on august 10. after studying the document,investigating field and hearding the reports as well as the subsequent discussion and questioning, the appraisal committee finally made the appraisal comments as follows: for three prototypes in 1:1 scale of the closure head, integrated nozzle section and integrated lower head etc. used for cap1400 rpv manufactured by cfhi, after testing of specimens from each typical section, the results of property tests showed that all the technical parameters mmet the requirements of technical specification of primary components in nuclear island. the integrated forging and heat treatment technology reach the international leading level, which has laid a solid foundation for manufacturing the nuclear island primary component used for cap1400 3rd generation rpvs in china and will bring significant economic and social benefits.

  cap1400 is the first third-generation nuclear power pressurized water reactor type that is independently designed and manufactured in china, which shows the great significance to our countrys nuclear power technology upgrading and on guaranteeing energy security and supply in china. among cap1400, the independent research and manufacture of the mw class nuclear rpv heavy forgings is critical to the construction of nuclear power plant and is also the main point of specific subject for the second study stage of the national large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant. it is different from the first absorption stage for ap1000 reactor, the study object in the second stage is to master manufacturing technology that our country completely has independent intellectual property rights to large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor nuclear power unit.

  the development and manufacturing of oversized forgings used for primary components of cap1400 rpvs realizes the localization of extra large size forgings for primary components used for cap1400 nuclear power nuclear island and puts an end to a passive state that the supply of nuclear power superlarge size forgings is dependent on importation, which has a great significance on reducing the investment in nuclear power plant project, and ensuring the security of national nuclear power and national economy, and brings remarkable social benefit.