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mastering of forming and heat treatment technology of shell ring forging of superlarge-size pressure cylinder by cfhi

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  recently, no. 1 shell ring forging of superlarge-size pressure cylinder manufactured by our company passed property inspection of first piece, which signifies cfhi (china first heavy industries) achieved a new breakthrough in manufacturing technology of superlarge-size cylinder shell forging.

  superlarge-size pressure cylinder is an critical component of heavy external pressure test system for a certain company. to guarantee safe and reliable running of pressure cylinder, it is required to minimize the quantity and length of welds. the outer diameter of shell ring is approximately 9,000 mm, and the single shell ring diameter already exceeds the extreme production capacity of hydraulic open-die forging press in worldwide. if our company wanted to achieve solid forging, it would be required to provide not only more advanced forming equipments but also a series of heavy equipments such as the heating equipment before forging and heat treatment facility after forging, turning equipment, and it would extremely be hard to manufacture it.

  with the joint efforts of cfhi technicians and production workers, our company not only achieved the manufacturing of first no. 1 superlarge-size pressure cylinder shell ring, but also each inspection result of property meets technology requirements, which signifies our company successfully overcame a difficulty of forming and heat treatment property of superlarge-size pressure cylinder shell ring forging. that laid the foundation for mastering the manufacturing techmology of forming of super-diameter shell ring forging and heat treatment and meeting property requirement of refining grains, and for meeting the market demand.