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cfhi signed strategic cooperation agreement with peton

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  on october 27th, cfhi and peton signed their strategic cooperation agreement in dalian, which identifies their exclusive business partnership. this agreement marks a significant progress for the two companies in seeking business cooperation following the $400 billion natural gas purchase agreement nailed down by china and russia.

  sun min, vice president of cfhi and vladimirovich, gm consultant of peton presented the signing ceremony and signed their names on the agreement on behalf of the two companies.

  peton is gazprom’s consulting company on strategy. it has recently gained an epc order from gazprom in amur, one of the first natural gas suppliers from russia to china. cfhi, gazprom and peton have made several interactive visits among each other and carried out thorough negotiations and discussions on their partnerships, business terms and technical details.  the agreement shows that cfhi’s comprehensive ability in manufacturing vessels and its achievements are fully recognized by the russian partners. the equipment will be manufactured in fulaerji or dalian depends on the size and weight, and delivered to the russian port on the other bank of heilongjiang river by way of sea and river shipping. this will greatly reduce the transportation costs for the customer.

  peton expects an all-around cooperation with cfhi starting with the amur project. the mode of technical cooperation between the two companies will be further clarified and pace accelerated following the agreement.